Click the recipes to open them as PDFs, from there the documents can be saved. printed and downloaded! More recipes can be found at PRO Chemical & Dye!!!


Acid Dyes: Direct Application

Acid Dyes: Immersion


Disperse Dyes: Immersion

Dyeing Basket Reed


MX Dyes: Airbrushing

MX Dyes: Direct Application

MX Dyes: Dyeing Leather

MX Dyes: Immersion

MX Dyes: Low Water Immersion

MX Dyes: Monoprinting

MX Dyes: Snow Dyeing

MX Dyes: Two Color Gradation Dyeing in Six Steps

MX Dyes: Warp Painting


Percentage Dyeing


Thiox: Direct Application

Thiox: Discharge Bath

2 thoughts on “recipes.

  1. Gail Barnett says:

    This is GREAT!

  2. […] low-water immersion, hand-paint, gradations, and more. Another good place for instructions is the resource page for the Kansas City Art Institute Fiber Department, especially the document “Percentage or Depth of Shade Dyeing using Procion MX or Acid […]

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