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The Silent Type

PRESS RELEASE rochelle_brickner__detritivores (detail 3)
November 18, 2015

Lower Level Gallery
2012 Baltimore Avenue
Kansas City, MO. 64108, USA

Gallery Hours: Thursday-Sunday

Rochelle Brickner
The Silent Type

December 4th-26th, 2015
(closed from December 24th-26th)
Opening Reception: Friday, December 4th 2015, 6-9pm

The Silent Type is Rochelle Brickner’s KCAI Senior Thesis Exhibition, as well as her second solo exhibition in Kansas City, Missouri. The installation is comprised of biomorphic forms that are inspired by the textures, colors, and life cycles characteristic of various species of fungi. Reinterpreting the environments they inhabit in natural and controlled compositions references their various stages in life.

Brickner’s preferred materials are wool and paper intermingled with other natural mediums. Like human hair, wool is a shapeless, fibrous material that can be endlessly manipulated, in this case through the process of felting. While transforming the wool into mimicked fungi forms and then later reinterpreting environments they inhabit with their installment, de-installement, and re-installment accompanied with new additional forms, Brickner is in essence mimicking a nutrient cycle, referencing their various stages in life: growth, rebirth, decomposition, and symbiosis in nature.

The choice of materials used and the processes of construction and transformation are intimately connected to the visual, conceptual and narrative aspects of the work.

Hyper-relevant to Brickner’s work, Andrew Cowan N.D.Arb. relays in his article Fungi- Life Support for Ecosystems, “One particularly crucial role of fungi is in the transport, storage, release and recycling of nutrients. Nutrient cycling [is] the continuous supply, capture, replenishment and distribution of carbon, nitrogen and minerals [and] is fundamental for the ongoing health and vitality of all ecosystems. As a result, soil organic matter and nutrient availability to plants is entirely dependent on the activity of soil organisms such as fungi.” (

Rochelle Brickner (b.San Antonio, TX, 1973) is a Kansas City based mixed-media artist. Her other interest articulating environmental awareness has inspired her to lead youth directed environmental art workshops in Kansas City with Greenworks KC, Boy Scout Troop 25, and the Plaza and Central Public Libraries. She has exhibited in several venues within the Kansas City Metropolitan area, including a solo show at Contours Hair Salon, and group shows at Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery, Little Miss Elegant Gallery, and Kemper at the Crossroads. Brickner will graduate with a BFA in Fiber from the Kansas City Art Institute in December 2015, and thereafter pursue the post-baccalaureate art education certification program at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Brickner is also known for making fine art and utilitarian textiles, and more specifically, features a line created by using up-cycled materials known as Repurpose Me. Repurpose Me has been featured in Ink Magazine, the Kansas City Star; and interviewed on 90.1, Kansas City public radio. Some of Brickner’s textiles can be found in the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art museum shop and in her RoBO Textiles Etsy shop.



For more print quality images available upon request and/ or further information, please contact Rochelle Brickner at or at 816.590.2792.








CALL FOR ARTWORKS! > “LA REINA: Our Lady of Guadalupe” Exhibition

Mattie Rhodes Center Art Gallery 


La Reina: Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 4, 2015 – February 13, 2016

For the month of December we are happy to bring back this very popular exhibit and excited to celebrate the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in our gallery.  La Reina (or the Dark Virgin) is both a religious icon and cultural symbol that goes beyond words in both traditional and contemporary significance. This exhibition is looking for works that explore the meaning, context and translations of this figure as it has been used religiously, socially, and throughout our pop-cultural landscape. We accept submission from all artists, both local and national that hope to extend the conversation, interpretations and vision of Our Lady/La Reina.


*Opening Reception: December 4th2015, from 6:00pm-10:00pm

*Artwork Submission DEADLINE/DROP-OFF thru NOVEMBER 27th, 2015


Download the Call for Artworks/Artists packet for La Reina: Our Lady of Guadalupe below, via one of the two links.  Please consider submitting something amazing to a very popular exhibition that shows annually at Mattie Rhodes Center Gallery , closing out the year nicely.
LaReina2015_ExhibitionPacket_Call_For_Artists– DocX


Anthony Marcos Rea
Cultural Arts Coordinator

Mattie Rhodes Center Gallery
919 West 17th Street
KCMO – 641008


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Field Trip to the Plug

The Fiber department at the Kansas City Art Institute recently went on a field trip to Plug Projects.  There, one of our favorite faculty members at KCAI, Marie McInerney, gave a presentation not only on Plug programming, but also about her piece in one of the galleries as well as what she knew about the other artist, Sonja Dahl, currently exhibiting there.

marie in lectureA little FYI about Plug:

*Plug hosts Exhibitions every other third Friday (6 exhibitions a year)

*unPLUGGED is a series of exhibitions that occur outside of the Plug Projects gallery space in which Plug works with galleries and organizations outside of the Kansas City area to promote the work of Kansas City Artists in the national arena.

*Critique Night Series happens in-between exhibitions. Crit nights feature a small rotating panel of artists and art professionals in the community who participate in live dialogue (open to contribution from the public) with local artists about their work.

…..and more. Check it all out here: PLUG Projects KC

As I am not an art critic but rather an informer, it is difficult for me to give a perspective on the work being shown at PLUG. I WILL share that after seeing both exhibitions twice, I experienced something meaningful and different each time.  Both of the installations are very poetic and definitely thought provoking, AND worth the trip down to the stockyard district in Kansas City where you can eat or have a cocktail next door at Voltaire.

Check it.

Author: Rochelle Brickner


And Here We Are, Fall 2015

For those coming back to the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) to pursuit their BFA, and even to those outside of KCAI revisiting this blog because they love to hear about everything FIBER, welcome back to another school year at KCAI!  And a special welcome to all the new and wonderful sophomores who entered the realms of fiber in the Fiber Department at KCAI!  I suspect it is going to be a grand year as we welcome new technologies, processes, ideas, and collaborations in order to fulfill our goals as successful artists. 

On the topic of artists (in general), I would like to make an announcement, preluding with some facts about an awesome organization that exists in Kansas City, Missouri.  Every year Charlotte Street Foundation awards artists in Kansas City a studio residency in one of their two facilities.

These awards go out to visual artists, writers, and performing artists and ensembles qualifying them for a year-long Charlotte Street Foundation studio residency which provides them free studios, rehearsal space, and related support for artists of all disciplines in downtown Kansas City.

Max Adrian,

Max Adrian, “Max Adrian”, 2015

While approximately 23 artists were chosen for the full year from 2015-16, with two returning Fiber majors, I would like to highlight the two new Fiber majors that were accepted for their first time this year.  These awesome visual/ fiber artists are Max Adrian and Kadie Nugent, both who graduated last year from KCAI, 2015.  Congrats and mazel tov!

Kadie Nugent,

Kadie Nugent, “Kadie Nugent”, 2015



Also, per honorable mention, Hannah Carr and Lauren Sobchak from the Fiber Department at KCAI were awarded a second term with Charlotte Street this year as well.

FYI: To kick off the new studio residency term, the public is invited to meet the artists and learn about their work at a free “Studio Residents Slide Slam” Wednesday, September 16, 7:00pm at Charlotte Street’s la Esquina Gallery, 1000 West 25th Street. This fun, informal evening will feature 3-minute (timed) slide presentations (10 slides per artist) by 24 of the incoming studio resident artists—thus providing a rapid-fire introduction to the work, ideas, processes, and personalities of these diverse artists.

Max Adrian,

Max Adrian, “Act II, scene I: Outcry”, 2015

Kadie Nugent,

Kadie Nugent, “Laundry Day Was Last Week” detail, 2015

Kadie Nugent,

Kadie Nugent, “Please Sweep”, 2015


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