We Start Here

The Facts:

WHERE: Cornerstones Of Care
300 E. 36th Street, Kansas City, MO
WHEN: Friday, November 20, 3:00pm- 8:pm
Sunday November 22nd 10:00am-5:00pm 2015
COST: Free

WHAT: We Start Here: The Fort Festival!

Cornerstones of Care 300 E. 36th Street Kansas City, MO 64111

Contact Olivia: oclanton@kcai.edu


We Start Here is an explorative collaboration between young men at the Gillis school and local artist Olivia Clanton.

Each project begins with a student imagining his dream fort, and then the child works with the artist to translate his images and stories into a space they build together. This project aims to provide a creative release for the child, encouraging him to become an active problem-solver, and enabling him to re-imagine a future in which he is the architect.

The project encourages the child to travel to a space of trust and creativity. Children who are provided with individual attention and the opportunity to insert something they have imagined into the world can experi- ence uplift and a sense of self-confidence.

It also challenges the way people interact with at-risk children. Visitors are invited to listen to persons they might have otherwise overlooked and to discover places they might not otherwise have come to know. These resourcefully imagined spaces offer an opportunity for greater connectivity in our community, and empower young people to celebrate their individuality and creativity.

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