Senior focus: Michelle Schmidlkofer

Uncertainty about the future leads to fantasies of the past; bygone eras have come to represent simpler times with more meaningful connections to the natural world and our selves. I strive to create pieces that invoke these ideas of the distant past but also include elements from the present. When creating patterns for printing, I start with the traditional lace technique of tatting, then scan my creations and manipulate them digitally. The result is lacey patterns that initially look like relics of a nearly forgotten technique, but actually rely as much on modern techniques as old. Anachronistic in both the past and present, they do not belong comfortably in either, and it is this not-belonging that makes them precious.

I am currently working on a fall and winter collection to show at Kansas City Fashion Week on March 3rd. The collection features hand – dyed and printed fabrics. Interchangeable pieces layer together to create warm, youthful looks. You can follow my progress on this collection at my website,


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