Senior Focus: Robin Kosel

I am an Art History Major and a Fiber Minor, and my work throughout my time here at KCAI can be seen here. I came to this school with the intention of obtaining a degree in Fiber, but realized my love for the narratives of history was the driving force  behind my artistic practice.

The next four weeks will be my last living in Kansas City (or rather, I expect them to be) and I am about to go back home and join a family I have waited to be a part of for the entirety of my college education. They have a small farm where I am going to investigate self-sufficiency. I will be attempting to grow, hunt, and preserve the majority of our food as well as growing cotton and raising sheep. For now, though, I am experimenting with food preservation while I write my final research paper for my BFA. I am addressing the political environment of the Italian Renaissance as a backdrop to the life and work of Michelangelo Buonarroti—and it is endlessly entertaining!

this isn’t even half of my bibliography

I eventually hope to continue my education in the fields of Archaeology and Linguistics. I struggle with the dichotomy of my lifestyle versus my own personal expectations for myself. I wish to both live off the land and achieve academic excellence, and I am hoping to find a peaceful balance. I wouldn’t mind being a professor one day, reiterating the stories which have captivated me throughout my entire life and telling the ones I discover along the way.


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