Senior Focus : Carie Musick Allman

The boundary of personal self and public self is increasingly becoming blurred.  Through a rise in popularity, social media, and other technologies, my secrets, intimate moments, and once private life is now becoming readily public. I explore these boundaries of comfort between communal and private personality through video, costume, installation, and staged environments. My working process is a multi-layered practice that allows me to weave together my varied loves of fashion, design, filmmaking, and installation.

I am a transfer student and have been at KCAI for about a year and half.  I received my Associate’s degree from Penn Valley college in Fashion Design.  You can check out my portfolio, cv, and contact information on my website:  Also, my videos can be seen on my Vimeo page.

I have some upcoming shows that I hope to see you at:

Nov. 5 – Nov. 16: Asceticism, a group show at the Dodge Painting Gallery (4446 Oak St KCMO).  Gallery talk Nov. 14.

Nov. 16 – Jan 2: MAKE | believe, a solo exhibition/installation at Latte Land (12th and Main St. KCMO). Opening reception: Nov. 16 from 5p -8p.

Here is a pictorial recap of some projects while at KCAI, from my first to my most recent:

Shibori # 3, Fiber Reactive dyes on cotton, clamped and thyoxed then stretched onto a panel. 48 x 36″. Sept. 2011

Pom Pom Suit: various flesh toned wool, cotton, and acrylic yarns sewn to a nylon body stocking. Oct. 2011

Video still from Resumption. Single Channel Video with crochet pod installation. looped 4:18 min. Feb. 2012

Stills from It’s Secret Not Sacred: Washing and Anointing.
Single Channel Video. 2:27 min looped. Oct. 2012

Oozing Pod. Digital Collage of Video stills: Crochet cotton, MX dye, Solvy, and water. 30” x 10”. Nov. 2012

Headcam Shot : studio bathroom. This is a still from a video that is currently in progress. Hope I get it finished soon!!


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