Senior Focus: Aaron Giglio

My past is what inspires me to create my artwork. The work that I make reflects both my past and my present tense and the dichotomy created by these tenses due to the influence of time and maturity. I find that my views become different over time lapses; they become enriched. Through growing up with pet ducks and dogs, and working with animals for many years, I have found both kinship and mourning to be a staple of my development.


The passing of my pet ducks, specifically the tragic and unexpected nature of their fatalities, has bothered me severely. For this reason, I use imagery of ducks and dogs in my work and utilize themes that address sentimentality from an over-assertive and hyper-masculinized standpoint. I am very drawn to the Victorian period and the stylistic qualities of the furniture, clothing, wallpaper, and all around patterns from that time. Additionally, I idolize Victorian mannerisms and social structures and the beginning ideals of Romanticism.







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