Senior Focus: Kyndra Denae

Hello dear friends, today I’m going to tell you a story…

There once was a girl named Denae, who traveled through many different lands. There was the land of graphic design, but graphic design was not the place for her. She always knew that photography was her true love, so she thought she would find a life in the land of photography. While she was in the dream land of photography she also discovered the world of fashion. She loved the beauty of materials accentuated by the body of natures extravagant creatures. This lead her into the depths of fibers. This is where she discovered her new love of yarn. What did she do once she discovered her love for yarn? She took the marvelous products of mother nature and made her own beautiful products. She used the earths glorious colors as natural dyes to transform her yarn into the colors of the world. Now she hopes to share her love of yarn with others by starting a little shop, where people can come and receive a rare bit of the world’s beauty. Pssst… (whisper) she also enjoys photographing her yarns and still documents her life adventures.

Assortment of Naturally Dyed Yarns

Product Samples for Promoting Yarn Sales

Soon to be website for Denae’s Darling Yarn sales:

Photography website:



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