Senior Focus: Sarah Choi

Hello, my name is Sarah Choi.

I work in the realm of design and garment construction where silhouette, fabric combination, and concept become my key players in creating a theatric and sophisticated look. I love romance, drama, and beauty, which are prominent features I strive to emphasize in my designs.

In previous works, I investigated the line between masculinity and femininity. I love the aesthetic appearance of being androgynous: the possession of both masculine and feminine qualities.

La Conquistadora is the culmination of my experimentation with the combination of male and female characteristics within a garment. The jacket is largely feminine with definite male characteristics in the juxtaposition between soft and hard, sheer and solid, flowing and fitted.

Culture has currently become the definitive role in my work where I am creating a collection of modernized/reinterpreted traditional Korean clothing known as hanbok. My personal experience with these dresses led me to the decision to move away from the stiff, bulky form and to create a slimmer, modern, dramatic silhouette through a darker color palette. Here are some current designs I constructed in accordance to my concept.


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