Manipulating the environment is manipulating the mind. Whether it is consciously or subconsciously I believe the environment we create for ourselves is a reflection of our mind. These two spaces embody our experience of our conscious reality and also are the source of information that our subconscious or dream state refers to.

One’s bedroom is a space that exists in our daily lives and is where I have always felt my most self.  I felt inclined to adorn anything and everything for the purpose of visual pleasure. Re arranging furniture and other physical objects to create a relationship amongst them was something I did not only because the idea of the visual outcome excited me, but also because I was seeking the shift in energy in the room. I enjoy that I can stage my next experience of my reality with the arrangement of objects outside of myself.  With this idea in mind I began to view the room like a “mind canvas” that will influence experience in my conscious state of mind and eventually seep into my dreams. With the specific placement of the objects in my room my physical self was forced to walk and not walk in certain areas.  Because I absolutely love to dance it became instinctual to move in a dance that referenced the forms of what was around me. I eventually acknowledged this experience as me performing on stage. With my first project I decided to embrace this act and concept and through the media of photography I was able to capture images of myself in my bedroom.

Considering the realities of environments outside our house, country, world, cosmos I began to doodle settings that reference dreams and are another outlet for me to explore visual possibilities for future installations.

For my second piece I played with physical objects as material no matter what associations are attached to the function of the design. Because I for some reason enjoy doodling sailboats for some of my doodled settings I decided to construct a representation of one. The process of installation was a performance in itself and it felt appropriate to include myself as a part of the piece.

I am very curious about this existence and I believe that interaction with our  mind is a step toward discovering the universe a little more.


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