Senior Focus: Sarah Ross

Hello, my name is Sarah Ross and I am currently a double major in Fibers and Art History. My past work as a student artist has been largely influenced and based on what I am learing in my classes of that semester. Through the different processes I have found a love for surface design and weaving with hand dyed materials. In my junior year I found that I like patterning and sewing garments that I designed. By not weaving for a year I also discovered how much I had been affected by that process of construction. Currently as a senior I am focusing on simplifying my ideas to produce a product line of hand dyed and woven fabrics that potently could be made in to functional items like garments, scarves or bags, ect. 
                                            hand mad temari on hand-knotted cube
Hand-made temari (japanese hand toy)Image
for inspiration i look at my favorite books and movies as well as researching things that interest me in the library. I also look through new books and magazines as well as going outside and taking things from nature. One of my favorite inspirations as broad as it sounds is color.
                                                             knitted scarvesImage
my ideal profession is to someday own and manage my own business and sell my hand-made products. this is the goal i am working towards.
this year i plan to experiment with color manipulation through woven structures and patterns in the form of woven fabrics.
Imageabove: woven color manipulation through plain-weave
below: hand dyed quilt top (in-progress shot)

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