Senior Focus: Nathan Bunch.

Hello, my name is Nathan Bunch and I’m a double major in Fibers and Art History. Last July I returned from six months of living in Italy. While I was there I studied the masterpieces of the Renaissance and organic farming techniques first hand –living in the mountains for two months farming. This experience allowed me to see American culture and society with more clarity, which has had a strong impact upon my opinions as an artist. 

Nathan Bunch, Invest and Infest. Gorilla Arts show, 2012.



Because of my travels over the last year, the connections between nature and culture within cities has come to fascinated me. In cites almost every substantial piece of nature is designed into the urban landscape, a reflection of culture and society. Art which is based around agriculture is inherently a comment on natures relationship to humans. I’m working on a new body of living sculptures.

Image Studying the life of the pieces, photographing their evolution and creating solutions for the problems they encounter. Eventually I want these pieces to live without my constant attention through technology or more informed designing.




I’ve grown up around Kansas City and gradually become connected many communities of artists who share my interests. My relationships with these artists/activists has pushed the boundaries of what I define as art, which now encompasses life.

Brook and Dan at Bad Seed Farm and Market

Nicolás Garcia at Anti-Hero Farms LLC.

Dane Zahorsky at Motuv

Find ways to breakdown the boundaries between life and art in a way which could be related to the works of artists like Andrea Zittel or Mark Dion.

Some of my favorite living artists:Andrea Zittel, Mark Dion, Andre Woodward, Anna Garforth, Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla.


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