Senior Focus: Jessica Ricketson

“To Understand, Is To Transform What Is”

Purposeful, functional, beautiful, different objects to share with the world.

Manipulating the learned visual language has no science, we are not taught to see like we are taught to read. There is no way to write a protector, a dress wearer, a male, and a child, all separate entities, into one simple character… there is a complexity that is often forgotten, and often the feelings of mystery, need, and want are reduced to ignorance. Protection is better felt than read, responsibility is better shown through action than words, and fashion is better shown through outbursts of chaos, but tying everything together through purity, not through being clean, or being white, but by wading through the struggles, the issues, the frustrations, until our quiddities can be physical manifestations.

I am currently working on backpacks, laptop cases, and knitwear (hats/scarves) for my senior thesis, mainly product development. Through digital printing, the combination and repetitiveness of fabric, graphic, and presentation choices, unity will be created both as an underlying inspirational current, and a face-to-face, in your face, physical being.





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2 thoughts on “Senior Focus: Jessica Ricketson

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