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“Why did I go to Netflix for my bank account?”

In the semester’s second Corridor Gallery show, the scattering of attention, inherent absurdities, and cultural & visual jumbles  are addressed in the space engaging installation.

Why did I go to Netflix for my bank account

statement: Bank of America and Netflix, astronomically different, yet somehow still connected by the color red. The threads that pull our life together are all intertwined, albeit usually as related to each other as polyester and wool. The ironically bleak corridor has witnessed many epiphanies amidst its blank walls, deaf, mute, blind. Using only insanity and magic, the sad room can be transformed into a cozy beehive, reminiscent of a hunter’s lodge. By merely mashing brainscapes together into a confined space, it will let itself glimpse the greener grass. After all, what is Tulsa but a slut? All six senses, dead or alive, will be stimulated. Feel with your eyes. Hear with your mouth, sniff the noises, and taste the sights. And don’t forget to smell the textures.

-Lynn Thonet Gross


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